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Week of September 13, 2021

Date Requested Closing Price Volume Split Adjustment Factor Open Price Day High Day Low
September 13, 2021 $113.35 954,528 1:1 $112.87 $113.92 $112.48
September 14, 2021 $114.39 2,014,476 1:1 $114.05 $115.02 $113.45
September 15, 2021 $112.89 2,652,371 1:1 $113.90 $114.34 $111.82
September 16, 2021 $112.41 1,161,364 1:1 $112.78 $113.31 $111.87

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NOTE: The Closing Price, Day's High, Day's Low, and Day's Volume have been adjusted to account for any stock splits and/or dividends which may have occurred for this security since the date shown above. The Split Adjustment Factor is a cumulative factor which encapsulates all splits since the date shown above. The closing price above is not necessarily indicative of future price performance.

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